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Meet the Artist




Andrew has always known he was a hunter. He knew it as a young kid, taking aim at anything that passed through his backyard–he knew it on his first official hunt as a teenager, carrying a rifle so heavy through local state game lands, his shoulder was numb by nightfall. 

To him, hunting wasn't just about the peaceful silence of an early morning in solitude, or the uncontrollable rush of adrenaline after hearing the rustle of dry leaves... it was about the profound connection he felt to the natural world. Away from the "hustle" of human life, he found simplicity in the way the woods made life and death an ordinary story. 

After completing an active enlistment as a Combat Engineer in the United States Marine Corps, Andrew began searching for a profession where he could continue engaging this interest in the outdoors, but also utilize his talents in handcraft. That's when he enrolled in Bill Allen’s Pocono Institute of Taxidermy, where he channeled this passion into creating unforgettable mounts for friends, families, and customers. 

Education aside, it's Andrew's first-hand experience and knowledge of animals that makes his work exceptionally realistic and painstakingly detailed. His utter infatuation with nature guarantees an end result that does justice to everyone, in the end: the hunter, the harvest... even nature itself.


Today, Andrew lives in Palmyra with wife Ava and two labs, Archer and Sawyer. When he's not spending time in the shop or hunting, he can be found making improvements to the 3 acres behind his home, woodworking, or brainstorming new ideas with his brother Doug for their burgeoning leathergoods company, Huegel Handcrafted.


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