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You Committed Hours to Your Hunt.

Your mount should look as alive as the moment you took the shot

We know just how much tenacity, endurance, and preparation goes into a day of hunting. And so we understand how potent the moment is when you finally capture your prize... those brief but powerful seconds that make all the time and energy you've spent worth it. 

We spend similarly countless hours ensuring that every last inch of your trophy is as realistic as possible by using materials unbeatable in quality and maintaining a standard of perfectionism typically unseen in the industry.


But most importantly, we know animals. As avid outdoorsmen ourselves, we are deeply familiar with the way a buck's ears flatten when asserting dominance, the muscular form of a turkey's strut, and the anatomy of a mallard in flight. It's who we are, what we do, and what we love.

You've devoted days to this sport. Let us match that dedication with our craft.       



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